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Welcome to the Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops


The Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops (SISC) is a multi-stakeholder initiative dedicated to developing tools for measuring performance of regenerative and sustainable practices across specialty crop (all fruit, nut and vegetable) supply chains. SISC offers a suite of outcomes-focused metrics enabling operators to benchmark, compare, and communicate their own performance.

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About SISC

What makes SISC unique? SISC is a coaltion of producers, buyers, and public interest groups who are collaborating to develop and share metrics that all parties agree are the most important indicators of stewardship.

About SISC Metrics

SISC offers a suite of Working Metrics –


Plus lots of supporting materials:

  • Read SISC Case Studies: Success Stories Backed Up with Real Data


Growers, grower groups, brands, buyers, processors and environmental NGO’s are welcome to join the SISC Coordinating Council (the governing body of SISC).


For more information on current members of the CC see our Current Participants page. For more information on joining the CC, please contact us.

Participate in Projects Using the Metrics

SISC supports a community of growers, grower groups, industry organizations and brands/buyers who collaborate to use performance metrics within specialty crop supply chains.


These collaborations innovate solutions that lead to real natural resource improvements on the ground.  They also create compelling success stories that can be backed up with real data.

"These metrics can provide a whole supply chain perspective to sustainability programs.  The outcomes are valuable for every buyer who is interested in working with their supply chains to reduce their footprint and create real natural resource management improvements on the ground."

Jason Dye, Senior Manager, Category Development at Foodbuy


We are a fiscally sponsered project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization dedicated to empowering, encouraging, and catalyzing projects so that we can collaborate and facilitate progressive change in areas of social and environmental justice. 

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