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Become an Affiliate Member

SISC welcomes Ag software companies, Ag input companies and Ag tech companies to become affiliate members, and implement the SISC metrics in their tools and services.  Affiliate members engage in projects using the SISC metrics with grower groups, brands, and SISC staff.  These projects give all participants hands on experience implementing metrics at a pilot scale prior to full implementation or use.  Affiliate members are non-voting members of SISC, and do not participate in the governance of SISC metrics.

Current Affiliate members include:

  • Bayer Crop Science 

  • Croptrak

  • Syngenta 

  • Valent 

  • Sureharvest

  • Nutrien 

Benefits of Participation

  • Shape the direction of measure to manage and supply chain sustainability.  Influence the future of sustainable agriculture through projects that implement performance metrics across supply chains while resulting in real natural resource improvements on the ground.

  • Work with brands, buyers, packer shippers, processors, and the SISC CC to use the SISC metrics.

  • Participate in projects that support collaboration across specialty crop growers, grower groups, brands and processors.

  • Build your network by implementing projects that support full supply chain collaboration.  Build new working relationships with brands, buyers and grower groups through pilot projects with support from SISC staff and the SISC Coordinating Council.

For more information on becoming a SISC Affiliate Member, please contact us using the form below.

Affiliate Membership

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