Metrics in Development

Two metrics are currently in progress:

  • Greenhouse Gas

  • Food Loss/Waste

Highlights are below; for additional information, please contact us via form at the bottom of the page.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG)

The GHG Metric addresses the GHG emissions associated with five components:

  1. fuel use;

  2. electricity use;

  3. fertilizer production;

  4. N2O emissions; and,

  5. soil C storage.

The metric was challenged by which tool to use to account for the N2O and soil C components. Ultimately, the Cool Farm Tool was proposed for both N2O and soil C. Of the concerns raised in the technical review, many were addressed in a response by the developers of the Cool Farm Tool. At this point, completing the metric requires a decision about whether to proceed with the Cool Farm Tool and other details surrounding that decision.


Draft Metric:

Tons CO2e / Tons harvested

Food Loss/Waste

The Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops (SISC) is proposing a food loss metric for growers to track and report the amount of food grown to maturity, but not used; in other words: crops that were “ready for harvest” but did not enter the supply chain for human consumption. 

The purpose of this metric is to understand how much of a crop’s final production is not sold, and why. Understanding this amount of food ‘lost’ will provide growers and associated buyers, with useful data of where and why loss is occurring within a farm operation.   

At this time, this metric only captures physical losses, and not economic losses. A grower can easily take their loss numbers and calculate economic losses using those food loss numbers. 

This metric is on track to be finalized, and made publicly, available Spring 2020.


SISC Vision

SISC's founding vision was ambitious: to develop a system for measuring performance throughout the specialty crops supply chain—from farm to plate. Based on the direction of current participants, the first five Working Metrics focus more narrowly on on-farm resource use. Still, SISC leadership remains committed to developing metrics that address performance across the supply chain, and/or to align with other metrics-driven initiatives seeking to do so.

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