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SISC has encouraged participation from a balanced mix of stakeholders representing three primary groups: specialty crops producers, specialty crops buyers, and environmental and public interest groups. Subject-matter experts have also served on the Metric Review Committee (MRC) and in the scientific peer-review process.

SISC is led by a Coordinating Council (CC). A Steering Committee (SC) and Metric Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) help the CC implement the project.

Roles & Responsibilities

Coordinating Council

The Coordinating Council (CC) includes representatives from approximately 40 organizations, and is responsible for making significant decisions to advance the project, including the approval of draft and final metrics. The CC seeks to operate by consensus and requires a majority of support from each stakeholder group (producers, buyers and public interest groups) before advancing a decision.

Steering Committee

The CC is supported by a Steering Committee (SC). The SC is comprised of six founding producers, buyers and public interest groups, and is responsible for staffing the day-to-day needs of the project, including: convening and facilitating meetings; soliciting and retaining expert help in developing metrics; coordinating outreach to stakeholders; raising money; producing materials; and otherwise implementing the decisions of the CC.

Metric Technical Advisory Committee

The Metric Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) is comprised of six CC members–two from each stakeholder group. It has overseen the final stages of metric development, as well as refined the metric development process.


**For a list of stakeholders currently serving on the CC, SC and MTAC, visit Current Participants.

Metrics Review Committee

The Metrics Review Committee (MRC) provides a forum for recommending metrics through exchanging ideas, addressing concerns, assessing technical merit, and evaluating overall feasibility. The MRC is open to all specialty crops stakeholders and experts who wish to advance the goals of the project. MRC members receive updates on project implementation and access to draft documents, and are invited to participate in smaller MRC Workgroups to develop specific metrics.

  •  For a list of stakeholders who have expressed interest in following and/or serving on the MRC, visit Our Process.

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