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About SISC Metrics

Through multi-stakeholder collaboration, SISC has developed, refined and adopted eight Version 1.0 Working Metrics: 
  • Applied Water Use Efficiency

  • Habitat and Biodiversity

  • Energy Use with GHG Translator

  • Nitrogen Use

  • Phosphorus Use

  • Soil Health: Organic Carbon Concentration and Aggrigate Stablity

  • Simple Irrigation Efficiency

  • Food Loss

SISC is currently working on 1 new metric:

  1. Soil Emissions

Read details about each of the individual Working Metrics here. And, if you would like to see a DATA Dictonary, which lists all data needed to complete each metric, you can see that HERE. 

For an introduction to SISC metrics, listen to a Webinar Overview of SISC Metrics: A Dialogue with Potato Growers  (scroll down to learn more or select an excerpt).

About the Webinars

"Overview of SISC Metrics" features a dialogue among SISC leadership and the Potato Sustainability Team, a group of potato processors and growers from the United States and Canada who are working to create a common platform for measuring stewardship across the potato supply. The Webinar is available in its entirety and in shorter excerpts: 

Overview of SISC Metrics: A Dialogue with Potato Growers (53:42)

Introduction to Overview of SISC Metrics (06:50)

SISC Metrics: Applied Water Use Efficiency (05:27)

SISC Metrics: Nitrogen Use (15:12)

SISC Metrics: Phosphorous Use (08:21)

SISC Metrics: Soil Organic Matter (01:56)

Conclusion to Overview of SISC Metrics (06:40)

Host: John Keeling, Executive VP and CEO, National Potato Council; SISC Steering Committee Member

Presenter: Dana Gunders, Staff Scientist, NRDC; SISC Steering Committee Member

Thanks to John Keeling for sharing this discussion.

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