Powering Growers with Managment Insights

for Sustainability



•No cost for growers to use

•Aggregators pay tiered use fee, & gain access to full supply chain or membership reporting technologies

•Currently being built and tested with growers. Soft launch in Mid-Feb 2020, Complete in Summer 2020

•API will be available at cost recovery basis for Ag software companies, contact us for info



  • The Calculator and User's Guide assume familiarity with SISC Working Metrics. Click here for brief summaries of each metric.

  • SISC is envisioned as a set of metrics that can be communicated among peer groups and along the supply chain. But the metrics can also be used independently to capture and understand performance within a single company or farm. In this Calculator, entering information—regardless of its intended use—is referred to as "reporting." None of the information entered here will be shared with anyone unless you actively choose to do so. "Reporting" simply refers to data that must be captured to calculate the metrics.

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About SISC Stewardship Calculator: mgottron@supplyshift.net

About SISC: info@stewardshipindex.org

Email: info@stewardshipindex.org     SISC is a fiscally sponsered project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs 

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