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Get Started with SISC Calculator on Supply Shift platform

Welcome to the SISC Stewardship Calculator on Supply Shift Platform:


If your choosing to use the SISC calcuator on Supply Shift - below are some of the basic instructions individual growers need to get started.


Go to: SISC Stewardship Calculator


1.Once you arrive on above linked page you will be asked for a one time SISC access code to get started.


For year 2020 (For reporting period beginning on 01/1/2020 and ending on 12/31/20 cut and paste this one time access code: f9c28162-de92-4d28-ab1a-c3d4a2df7723

2. This will give you access to the SISC Calculator on SupplyShift. You will be prompted to create an account.  You will only need to do this one time per growing operation.


Importantly, know that your information will never be shared with anyone without your explicit consent. Your profile, and any information you store on it, belongs to you. You will always receive a request before any group or organization (be it a buyer or grower group) can see any of your info.  You will be given the opportunity to opt-in or out to either share or not share your information for any unique request. 

3. Set up your user profile.  Once you have done that, you will be directed to a welcome page which includes a very important 'Getting Started Guide' at the bottom of the page.  Please be sure to read this guide - as it includes essential information on defining measurement boundries (what defines a Management Area MA) and timeframes.  Very important to understand that basic background information before you get started.


4. Know which crop(s), management areas, and timeframes you want to calculate the metrics for.

5. Choose which SISC metrics you want to calculate and get started!  Know that there is also metric specific guidance throughout the calculator  - look for it and use it when you need to.


  • The Calculator and User's Guide assume familiarity with SISC Working Metrics. Click here for brief summaries of each metric.

  • SISC is envisioned as a set of metrics that can be communicated among peer groups and along the supply chain. But the metrics can also be used independently to capture and understand performance within a single company or farm. In this Calculator, entering information—regardless of its intended use—is referred to as "reporting." None of the information entered here will be shared with anyone unless you actively choose to do so. "Reporting" simply refers to data that must be captured to calculate the metrics.

Any organization, grower group, packer shipper, processor, brand or buyer who would like to know more about or access this calculators aggregation potential - please contact:


Questions about this calculator?  Contact:

Questions about SISC?  Contact:














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