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SISC Calculator on CropTrak: Support Process

Because SISC is a small non-profit with the big mission to create and maintain a single yardstick for the food industry to measure on-farm sustainability for fruits, nuts and vegetable production, we offer the SISC Calculator to growers to use for free, and any aggregator organization to use at very low annual rates. 


In order to make the calculator as accessible/affordable as possible, we have embedded support into the calculator as step by step process.  At each step of the process, the calculator has short ‘how to’ videos which will guide the user to the next step.  These instructions are also offered in written form.

‘Office Hours’

Because SISC is a small organization, we cannot field support questions on the calculator.  Instead, SISC and CropTrak will be offering regular monthly (or twice a month if needed) standing webinar ‘office hours’.  We will post the schedule for these office hours here.


Please, be sure to use the embedded videos and written instructions as much as possible prior to coming to the office hours with your questions.


CropTrak will be there to answer technical questions for the calculator and SISC will be answering questions about the SISC metrics.


  • All repeating questions from these webinars will edited into short help videos to cover most standard questions and posted on calculator FAQ page.

  • Embedded support within calculator will also be updated to cover all frequently asked questions.


For Aggregators Who Sign Up for the Calculator Through SISC

In addition, any organization which signs up with SISC to use the calculator as an aggregator will receive one ‘train the trainer’ session.  Each aggregator can use this to train one ‘super user’ who can then help other team members and growers when support is needed.  These train the trainer sessions will be offered after that ‘super user’ has already reviewed all the support content embedded within the calculator itself. Again, this is how are keeping the aggregator fees so low.


And, beyond that, there is the option of purchasing an additional support package with the CropTrak team of 5 hours for $999.  Contact us here if are interested in purchasing a support package.

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