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SISC Calculator For Growers 



The SISC Stewardship Calculator is available for individual growers to use at no cost.  

Growers can sign up below. This will start the process to get set up for a free, secure account on the calculator.  


Once the account is set up, growers can choose which SISC metrics they want like to calculate, for which parts of their operation, and then store year over year metric results securely on thier own profile.  


Each growers data, and metric results, belong to that grower.  Metric results are never shared unless a grower responds to a request (by a buyer or grower group) for that grower to share. It is then up to the grower to share those metric results with the requesting party. 


Growers profiles will support them with access to a wide variety of data and metric dashboards that can support their use of the calculator as a management tool.


  • SISC metrics can be used independently to baseline, track and understand performance within an individual company or farm, as well as a single yardstick to communicate across supply chains. In this Calculator, entering information—regardless of its intended use—is referred to as "reporting." None of the information entered here will be shared with anyone unless you actively choose to do so. "Reporting" simply refers to data that must be captured to calculate the metrics.

Here's a short Intro Video to learn a bit more about the SISC Stewardship Calculator.


And, if you’d like a deeper dive into exactly how the calculator works, we have this Step by Step Walk Through Video.  

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