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Metric Calculator

To encourage hands-on testing of the metrics by growers at any scale, SISC offers a free demonstration Calculator — an Excel tool that faciliates the collection and processing of metric-specific data and provides immediate results.

SISC offers three versions of the Calculator, plus a separate Calculator for the 2018 Simple Irrigation Efficiency (SIE) metric:

1. One with the full suite, minus SIE metric, of SISC Metrics with Lettuce and Broccoli entered as sample crops,

2. A second with the full suite, minus SIE metric,  of SISC Metrics that is blank (no data entered) for use within your operation, and

3. A third version that only calculates the select metrics aligned with The Sustainability Consortium’s Key Performance Indicators.

4. The final Calculator is only for the 2018 Simple Irrigation Efficiency Metric only.

Since SISC is currently working on development of an online Calculator, which will cover the entire suite of SISC metrics, we have not built the SIE metrc into the SISC excel Calculator.  Our new online tool will be available in the Spring of 2019.

A detailed User Guide is also available.  Please read the User Guide for your specific version of the Calculator before you begin using it.


  • The Calculator and User's Guide assume familiarity with SISC Working Metrics. Click here for brief summaries of each metric, or login to read or download technical information and additional guidelines.
  • SISC is envisioned as a set of metrics that can be communicated among peer groups and along the supply chain. But the metrics can also be used independently to capture and understand performance within a single company or farm. In this worksheet, entering information—regardless of its intended use—is referred to as "reporting." None of the information entered here will be shared with anyone unless you choose to do so. "Reporting" simply refers to data that must be captured to use the metrics.

Ready to go? Select and download the appropriate Calculator and User's Guide below.

User Guide

  1. User Guide: Calculator for Full Suite of SISC Working Metrics V.1.0
  2. User Guide for Simple Irrigation Efficiency (SIE) Metric V.1.0


  1. Demonstration Version of Calculator - already populated with sample data: SISC-Calc_2013-10-28_Lettuce-Broccoli.xlsx
  2. Full Suite of SISC Metrics blank Calculator: SISC-Calc_2013-10-28_Blank.xlsx
  3. Simple Irrigation Efficiency Metric Calculator - SISC-SIE-Calc 2018 Blank
  4. Calculator for use on TSC KPI with select metrics: SISC-Calc_2015-01-20_TSC.KPI.Alignment


In addition, SISC welcomes software compaines incorperation of the SISC metrics into their systems in accordance with the SISC TOU. The following software companies have incorperated SISC metrics into their systems in accordance with the SISC Terms of Use:

 As an aggregator of SISC metrics: Supply Shift

The SISC metrics are open source. We welcome the use of the metrics across a wide variety of systems and tools. Please note: if your organization would like to use the SISC metrics in a system or tool:

1. Contact us to get access to metric algorithms, and

2. Read and acknowledge the SISC Terms of Use here.

>> Questions? Let us know.