To encourage hands-on testing of the metrics by growers at any scale, SISC offers a free demonstration Calculator — an Excel tool that faciliates the collection and processing of metric-specific data and provides immediate results.

SISC offers two versions of the same Calculator: one with Lettuce and Broccoli entered as sample crops, and one that is blank (no data entered). 

A detailed User Guide is also available. Please read the User Guide before you begin using the Calculator.


  • The Calculator and User's Guide assume familiarity with SISC Working Metrics. Click here for brief summaries of each metric, or login to read or download technical information and additional guidelines.
  • SISC is envisioned as a set of metrics that can be communicated among peer groups and along the supply chain. But the metrics can also be used independently to capture and understand performance within a single company or farm. In this worksheet, entering information—regardless of its intended use—is referred to as "reporting." None of the information entered here will be shared with anyone unless you choose to do so. "Reporting" simply refers to data that must be captured to use the metrics.

Ready to go? Download the Calculator and User's Guide below.

User's Guide: Calculator for SISC Working Metrics Version 1.0



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