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Public Comment Period Open: SISC Habitat and Biodiversity Metric

The draft SISC Habitat and Biodiversity Metric is nearing the end of the metric development process.  After two pilots, peer review, and multiple inputs from the SISC Metric Technical Advisory Committee, the draft metric is now entering into over six-weeks of public comment period running from July 7 until August 24, 2016.

SISC requests public feedback on the draft of this metric as the next step towards its finalization.  

Please send all comments or suggestions to by August 24, 2016 before 5 pm Pacific time, with the following in the subject line: Public Comment Feedback: SISC Habitat and Biodiversity Metric

Also, please forward this request for public comment on to any colleagues you think would be interested in this metric and would want to provide feedback on it prior to its finalization.

All comments and suggestions will be publically posted, along with the SISC response to each and the revised draft of the metric, after the comment period ends.

Contact Alison Edwards, with any questions in regard to this public comment period.