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New, Just Finalized SISC Simple Irrigation Efficiency (SIE) Metric Version 1.0

SISC Staff

SISC has finalized the Simple Irrigation Efficiency (SIE) metric. This measures the amount of water applied to a crop relative to the crop’s actual water demand. The SIE metric takes into account the crop’s water need based on crop and site-specific evapotranspiration and considers a potential leaching requirement and rainfall contribution.

 "The Simple Irrigation Efficiency (SIE) metric gives SISC users a new performance metric that takes field-specific growing conditions into consideration. The SIE metric gives growers feedback on how much they can improve their water use efficiency and allows buyers to compare water efficiency across different growing regions and over time." Daniel Mountjoy, Ph.D. Director of Resource Stewardship, Sustainable Conservation and SISC Steering Committee member.

See Simple Irrigation Efficiency (SIE) metric here.

Simple Irrigation Efficiency (SIE) metric calculator and User Guide will be finalized and available by late November - stay tuned.