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SISC Solicitation of Interest to Software Providers: Online Calculator for SISC Metrics

SISC Staff

The Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops currently seeks Solicitation of Interest (SOI) from software providers interested in partnering with SISC to build an online calculator for the SISC metrics.  SISC is a multi-stakeholder initiative with growers, grower groups, brands, buyers and NGOs dedicated to developing tools for measuring on farm stewardship performance across the specialty crop supply chain. SISC offers a suite of outcome-focused metrics enabling operators to benchmark, compare, and communicate their sustainability performance. Please see for additional information.

SISC is currently accepting SOIs from software companies looking to access the business and client potential of helping specialty crop (all fruits, nuts and vegetables) supply chain partners collect and work with aggregated data. Key tasks would include collecting, analyzing, aggregating and reporting data up and down the supply chain. 

Below is a list of minimum criteria the selected party will be expected to meet.  SISC will work with selected party to determine how partnership and service levels of requested criteria will be met at a future time.  

SISC is looking for SOI’s that meet the following criteria:

  1. Software partner has existing functionality that supports ease of data sharing across all supply chain nodes.
  2. Ideal software partner would also have at least some existing agronomic and farm management functionality such as field geography and weather.
  3. Software partner is ready to add a SISC calculator into its functionality (a version of the current SISC calculator as seen here: at no expense to SISC.
  4. This SISC calculator will be free for growers to use; growers will be able to store and compare their results year over year. 
  5. Software partner has existing data aggregation functionality, including data reporting and sharing functionality to supply chain partners.
  6. An aggregation fee will be charged to any entity wanting to aggregate data.  Aggregation fee revenue will be shared between SISC and the software partner as negotiated between them. 
  7. Aggregation fee tiers will be assigned for brands and buyers by revenue or size, for packer shippers and processors, and for grower group, the last by number of growers. All aggregators get access to the same tools and features.  Aggregation fees for SISC calculator will be developed in partnership with SISC with accessibility for specialty crop supply chain partners in mind.
  8. Software partner will create an API for approved partner types (e.g. farm management software companies) to link to the use of the SISC metrics.  This API will be delivered to farm management software partners at a cost recovery basis only.
  9. SISC staff and board will also help drive grower use of metrics, as well as interpretation of aggregated metric data and data sharing by brands and grower groups through project based work with these entities.

The SISC Steering Committee will review the SOIs, with subsequent recommendations made to the SISC Coordinating Council who holds final decision-making authority. There will not be a formal RFP process, but simply this public SOI. Please send contact, background, product information as well as your explanation of understanding on above listed criteria and how they will be met in response. 

The chosen software company would have a partnership with SISC, and gain familiarity with uses of the metrics by all industry aggregators. SISC will actively promote use of the final tool to the food industry and grower groups and encourage the initiation of projects using the tool. 

Please send your SOI by August 1, 2018 to:

If you have questions or would like more info on any of the above listed points, please contact SISC Director Alison Edwards at