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SISC CC Member Christy Melheart Slay (TSC): On Reducing the Burden of Reporting Sustainability Metrics to the Food Supply Chain

SISC Staff

Sustainability reporting is something many farmers already do, and it’s becoming a necessary part of being in the food business today. Yet getting farm-level data bundled in a useful way for the food supply chain remains a major hurdle. If the food system fails to unite behind a common set of tools and standards for packaging that critical information—such as surveys contained within farm management software—farmers will face the task of responding to multiple surveys in different systems with an assortment of metrics from their customers, including grain merchandisers, processors, food manufacturers and food retailers. 

Embedding sustainability tools into farm management software can leverage the data already being collected by growers and reduce the burden of reporting sustainability metrics to the food supply chain.

A featured presenter at the 2018 Trust In Food Symposium, Christy Melheart Slay, Director of Technical Alignment at The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) and SISC Coordinating Council member, received numerous audience questions about the challenge of connecting farmers with the food supply chain through data-sharing and partnerships.  

To read more about the work that TSC is doing to connect retailers with growers and to address the technical barriers in mobilizing data from farm to companies that request it HERE.

SISC works with with all supply chain partners - from growers and grower groups, to brands and retailers, to NGO's such as TSC - to help facilitate the best use of data to support growers and create real natural resource improvements on the ground.  SISC is engaged with TSC's working groups on metric alignment as well as its Ag Data Landscape Mapping project to support technical solutions that work for growers.