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The Packer: Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops releases guidelines

SISC staff

January 23, 2017 

The Packer featured an article on SISC's recent Supply Chain Design Project, funded by a CA NRCS CIG grant.  This project brought together a whole working supply chain to create guidelines for how to collect, share and compare performance metric data across supply chains which prioritize continual improvement and results in real natural resource improvements on the ground.  These guidelines provide best practices for the specialty crop industry on how to build effective and resilient supply chain sustainability programs through the use of performance metrics.

"Although developing metrics is a key function of the organization, the initiative took things a step further recently when it released guidelines for supply chain partners regarding collecting, sharing and comparing metric data."

“We wanted to know what guidelines need to be in place between supply chain partners for metrics information to be collected, shared and compared in a way that works, and to support collaboration in a way that everyone feels safe with how buyers use information, and buyers understand growers’ concerns. We brought together a working supply chain to have them collect data and share it in real time with the knowledge they were creating a model for the supply chain. It’s a new level of communication and collaboration.”

Read full article here.