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SISC Metrics in Development - Biodiversity and Ecosystems and Simple Irrigation Efficiency

SISC Staff

SISC is currently working on moving two draft metrics towards finalization and pubic use.  

Over the last six months, the metric development process for the SISC Biodiversity and Ecosystems metric has been very active.  In partnership with SISC Coordinating Council member Jennifer Biringer and The Nature Conservancy, SISC has moved this metric along the development process, including aligning the metric with Cool Farm Tools draft Biodiversity metric.

The SISC Metric Technical Advisory Committee working on this metric consists of:

  • Daniel Mountjoy - Sustainable Conservation
  • Dan Sonke - Campbell Soup
  • Steve Balling - Del Monte Foods
  • Hank Giclas - Western Growers Association
  • Larry Jacobs - Jacobs Farm / DelCabo
  • Sara O'Brien - Willamette Alliance 

The Biodiversity and Ecosystem metric is currently going through a peer review process, will be piloted this fall.  It will then go out for a public comment period sometime in late winter or early spring.

The Simple Irrigation Efficiency (SEI) metric was already fairly far along in its development process when it was set down about two years ago.  This metric has now been put back into active development.   SISC Coordinating Council member Daniel Mountjoy from Sustainable Conservation is leading the effort to move the SEI metric process towards completion. 

The metric has already been peer reviewed, and is currently being piloted with lettuce growers in the Salinas Valley.  Prior to joining the SISC CC, Daniel was part of the Performance Incentives for Conservation in Agriculture (PICA) project.  With the PICA project, he helped develop and pilot an irrigation efficiency metric with strawberry growers across the Central Coast of CA.  Daniel is currently working to align the PICA and SISC irrigation efficiency metrics in order to create the most effective, useful, and simple metric for growers to use – always with an eye on how the metric can really work for the growers as an internal management tool.

SISC aims to continue to provide the specialty crop industry with on-farm stewardship metrics that provide growers with internal management tools, as well as to help reduce reporting redundancy across the entire specialty crop supply chain. 

We will have more updates on these, and other metrics in development, Spring of 2016.