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A Farm Level View on Supply Chain Water Risk - SISC's partnerships featured in National Geographic

Ceres, staff

SISC’s partnerships are featured in this National Geographic article around using performance metrics to understand risk and improve resiliency across supply chains.

Chris Willoughby from Willoughby Farms is a project partner on the SISC CA CIG Supply Chain Design Project, which aims to answer many of the complex issues raised in this article. Daniel Mountjoy from Sustainable Conservation is a SISC CC member, as well as a project partner on the SISC CA CIG Supply Chain Design Project.  

..."To better ensure that farm level context makes its way to the top of the supply chain, Sustainable Conservation is part of a collaborative initiative – the Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops – that’s piloting a metric to capture water efficiency. The measure, acre-feet of water per crop water demand, accounts for farm level weather conditions, ensuring that buyers get a more complete picture of farmers’ water use.

The group is testing the metric’s efficacy at all levels of the supply chain. If successful, it just may crack open communication between growers and buyers, and streamline data collection efforts."

Read the full article here.