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SISC Represented at Agriculture 2.0 Conference

Staff, Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops

On April 11-12, 2011, SISC Coordinating Council member Jonathan Kaplan (Natural Resources Defense Council) presented at Agriculture 2.0, the only conference series dedicated to the business of sustainable agriculture. Since its premiere in New York City in the Fall of 2009, Agriculture 2.0 has garnered wide-ranging respect from all sides of the sustainable agriculture industry for its seriousness of purpose and ability to provide a fertile environment for collaboration.

Kaplan joined John Foraker, CEO, Annie's Homegrown, and Mitch Willis, Manager, Citrus Procurement Quality & Ag Sustainability, Tropicana, on a panel titled "Agriculture 2.0 2020 Outlook," moderated by Ed Keaney, Principal, Mindful Investors. Over 170 senior decision makers of the agriculture investment, technology and agribusiness industries were present at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square for the fifth edition of the popular Agriculture 2.0 conference series. Attendees participated in robust discussions on the future trajectory of the global food system, price drivers, and how to best play their hand when entering what for many players is a new asset class.

Sustainability was on the forefront as participants learned about breakthroughs in biopesticides, cultured meat, open-ocean aquaculture, fuel additives from orange peels, energy generation from livestock waste, climate change effects on farmland investments and the future of sustainability metrics in the agrifood supply chain. Over the course of the two days, management teams presented their proprietary technologies in front of prospective investors as well as their peers and colleagues through the Ag 2.0 Venture Fair.

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