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Project Update

The Stewardship Index project gained considerable momentum over the last few months, engaging an array of stakeholders, including technical experts, and launching discussions of specific metrics.

Highlights include:

  • More than 180 people to date have joined the Metrics Review Committee (MRC), including representatives from farming organizations, food buyers, NGOs, government agencies, and academic institutions. A list of current participants is available at
  • MRC facilitators have hosted nine introductory calls to discuss metrics for: air quality; biodiversity and habitat; energy and GHG emissions (farm); energy and GHG emissions (non-farm); human resources; pesticides; waste; water use (farm); and water use and water quality (non-farm).
  • The project Web site was enhanced to include a password-protected workspace for MRC members. The workspace includes metric-specific pages and allows MRC members to post comments and share documents. In keeping with the project’s commitment to an open and transparent process, anyone can join the MRC and receive a password to access this area of the site.
  • The Coordinating Council reviewed extensive input from Web site submissions and team interviews. In response to many thoughtful comments about the issues list (areas we plan to measure), the issues list was updated with more appropriate names and categories. No new issues were added and none were removed. The revised list is now posted at A compilation of comments will be available on the MRC workspace.

Let Us Know!

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