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Wines & Vines: Pesticide Risk Calculator Debuts

Staff, Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops

July 2010

In his monthly column for Wines and Vines magazine, "Vineyard View," Dr. Cliff Ohmart reviews the Pesticide Risk Mitigation Engine (PRiME), a web-based tool for growers to assess pesticide risk. The PRiME tool was developed by a group of US and Canadian scientists and computer engineers funded by a USDA Conservation Innovation Grant to the IPM Institute of North America.

In his column, Cliff discusses the benefits and the limitations of the PRiME tool.

The SISC Pesticide Metric Review Committee has been reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of the PRiME tool as a metric that would measure one aspect of pesticide management performance, i.e. pesticide risk, for the Stewardship Index.

It is currently being tested by participating growers in the Stewardship Index Draft Metrics pilot test. We expect to learn more about PRiME through the on-the-ground experience of growers using the tool.

Download the column.