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Results of MRC Survey on Draft Metrics Now Posted


A survey was distributed to all 432 MRC participants to assess agreement for pilot testing the draft metrics, to evaluate the SISC metrics development process and to seek suggestions for improvement. The survey received responses from 104 participants, a 24% response rate.

The survey results were presented to the Coordinating Council on April 19. Based on the survey results, and other considerations, the Council agreed to proceed with pilot testing the following Draft Metrics:

  • Energy (on-farm)
  • Air Quality
  • Pesticides (on-farm)
  • Water Use
  • Soil, Nutrient & Water Quality
  • Biodiversity (on-farm)
  • Waste

Draft metrics are still under development in the areas of Human Resources; Water Quality and Water Use (non-farm); GHG (on-farm), Energy and GHG (non-farm); Pesticides (non-farm); Packaging; Green procurement and fair price; and Community.

The survey results by metric are now posted in each Metric section of the website. In addition, the Steering Committee and staff received many constructive ideas for continuing to improve the metrics development process. These suggestions are under review and many are in the process of implementation. Stay tuned!