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Join Us In Person - Sept 26, Salinas: Practical Solutions to Grow Your Sustainability Program On-Farm and Across Supply Chains

SISC Staff


Sustainability in Action: Practical Sustainability Actions for Produce 

Grow Your Sustainability Program On-Farm and Across Supply Chains 

Presented by: Western Growers Association, PMA, SISC, Sustainable Conservation, Monterey County Sustainability Working Group

Purpose: This meeting will offer practical solutions to support growers, packer shippers, and handlers to track and implement sustainability actions in their own operations. 

Date: September 26, 2019 

Time: 10:00am - 3:00pm (Lunch provided) PLEASE ARRIVE 15 to 20 MINUTES EARLY TO CHECK-IN 

Place: CSUMB @ Salinas City Center, One Main Street, Salinas 

RSVP: Please use this link: CLICK HERE 

Password: 2019 

** There is no need to present an invitation or ticket at the door; a check-in table will verify your registration. Space is limited to 100 


Water, soil, and air - agriculture is the steward of these natural resources upon which the industry grows food for the world. Best management practices keep evolving to support greater stewardship. 

Consumers are eating fresher produce and putting more pressure on buyers for that produce to be grown, packed, and shipped in more sustainable ways. Retailers and buyers are responding with more and more requests for information on how their suppliers are managing sustainability. 

Many growers and handlers are building internal sustainability programs that support improved management and tell the story of how they are working to continually improve but there is a lack of consistency in measuring and reporting these results to buyers, regulators, and consumers. 


Are you…? 

… interested in starting a sustainability program in your operation? 

… interested in making your existing sustainability program more robust? 

… interested in learning how you can use your buyers’ requests to support your own sustainability on the ground? 

… interested in telling your sustainability story to all your buyers and consumers in one, simple way that you can back up with real data? 

If you are, this meeting offers practical solutions and best practices to support growers, packer shippers, and handlers to track and implement sustainability in their own operation. 

Agricultural producers and processors who would like to get started with sustainability OR who would like to build out/streamline their existing sustainability programs. 

This meeting will offer practical suggestions and connections to moving your operations’ sustainability program forward. Including how to benchmark where you are to get started, how to track continual improvement, and practical info on state-of-the-art management practices for sustainability in the fresh produce industry. 

This meeting is an opportunity to gain insight into how retailers and buyers are approaching sustainability AND how to leverage those information requests into valuable internal management tools for growers and handlers. 

The Monterey County Sustainability Working Group was formed to network and share current, successful sustainability efforts among agricultural producers and processors in the Central Coast region. Together, we can help one another take a proactive approach to meeting the present and future sustainability challenges. 

For Additional Information: Contact Jenny Maloney: or 760-593-8309 


10:00 AM 

Welcoming Remarks 

Hank Giclas - Senior VP Science, Technology & Strategic Planning, Western Growers and Steering Committee of Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops 

10:15 AM 

State of the Industry – Today and the Future - Sustainability for the F&V Industry 

Nikki Rodoni - CEO & Founder, Measure to Improve, LLC 

10:40 AM 

SISC Calculator – Leveraging New Online Tools to Support On-Farm Sustainability 

Jamie Barsimantov – President and CEO, Supply Shift 

11:30 AM 

Grower Panel Session: What We are Doing in Our Operation and Why? 

Amy Duda Kinder - Vice President of Food Safety and Sustainability, Duda Family Farms 

Jocelyn Bridson - Director of Environmental Science and Resources, Rio Farms, LLC 

Louis DeMaso - Sustainability and Operations Analyst, Lipman Family Farms (Invited, not yet confirmed) 

Additional Growers Invited and TBA 

Daniel Mountjoy – Director of Resource Stewardship, Sustainable Conservation 


12:30 PM 

Buffet Lunch (Networking Break) 

Possible Keynote: Why Sustainability Matters to Consumers 

1:30 PM 

Speed Solution Presentations 

Michael Cahn, UCCE - Improving Irrigation and Fertilizer Efficiency 

Laura, Monterey RCD - Reducing on Farm Carbon Emissions 

TBA, Ecology Action - Greater Energy Efficacy Across Your Operation 

Additional Management Experts Invited and TBA 

2:45 PM 

Closing Remarks & Links to Resources